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Benefits to you


Face-to-face studying accelerates learning, creates passion, increases inspiration.

Online classroom

Connect with people with a wide range of skillset from all over the world. Use our online Classroom to learn remotely and discover new skills every day.

Completely Free

Learn for free by sharing your own skills with someone else and become part of a global learning movement.


Get inspired by exploring subjects and ideas with others that share your interest.

Superior Learning

Discover new talents, skills, and knowledge and feel the passion! Get in-depth lessons or be pointed in the right direction and save your time.


Experience the boost when sharing what you know and learning what you don't.

Meet amazing new people

Whether you're taking your lessons locally or linking up with people the world over you're sure to meet incredibly interesting and diverse people.

A Fairer Society

An inclusive worldwide learning economy helps bring people together from all walks of life. Helping knowledge spread truly fairly.

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